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Academician workstation

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About jiangxi longzheng academician workstation:

Jiangxi longzheng academician workstation was jointly approved by ganzhou municipal party committee talent leading group and ganzhou association of science and technology. It was officially established in September 2018. This workstation specially employs academician hou baorong of Chinese academy of engineering as the main research and development team, taking new environmental protection coatings as the research object.

The station now has 1 academician, 2 doctors, 2 masters and 10 other key personnel. The academician team is actively carrying out the research and development of new ecological and environmental protection coatings, and has formulated the research and development approach and plan of ecological and environmental protection ultra-thin fire-resistant coatings. Using academician and scientific research team as "external brain", to create conditions for our company's independent innovation and good and fast development, and accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements.

In 2018, the new concrete anticorrosive and anti-rust coating developed by jiangxi longzheng academician workstation team has passed the environmental protection and performance test of relevant functional departments of the state, and has been applied and promoted in the rapid line coating project of yingbin avenue in ganzhou city.

About jiangxi longzheng academician workstation team:

Hou baorong: academician of Chinese academy of engineering, Marine corrosion and protection expert. He graduated from the department of chemistry, fudan university, and obtained a doctor's degree in engineering from Tokyo university of technology, Japan. Currently, he is the director of national Marine corrosion protection engineering technology research center, chief editor of "research on corrosion status and control strategy in China" series, deputy chairman of the national corrosion prevention standardization committee, and member of the national standardization committee. Marine corrosion environment research in China and one of the leader of Marine corrosion protection, clearly put forward the concept of "Marine corrosion environment", established the theoretical system of Marine corrosion environment, independent writing Japanese monograph the Marine corrosion environment と food の prevention science, can be used as a textbook. Committed to the study of corrosion mechanism and protection technology of Marine spray splash area and corrosion protection and repair technology of Marine reinforced concrete structure, it has drafted and issued 4 national standards and 6 local standards, and the demonstration project area is more than 300,000 square meters. Presided over the major consulting project of "research on corrosion status and control strategy in China" of Chinese academy of engineering, formed a 1.8 million word corrosion investigation report, and the related results were published in the journal of Nature. As chief scientist, he undertook more than 30 national major projects, such as "11th five-year plan" and "12th five-year plan" national science and technology ministry support program, "973" and "863". Published monograph 5, editor on 9, SCI papers published more than 300, more than 70 authorized patents, won the "national scientific and technological progress second prize", "progress prize in science and technology, Chinese academy of sciences", "He Liang; hori science and technology award", "shandong province science and technology, the highest award", "shandong province science and technology invention prize" and so on more than 10 provincial-level award item.

Zhao xia, doctor of engineering, associate researcher, institute of oceanography, Chinese academy of sciences. Graduated from ocean university of China in 2007. As research project and completed 8 scientific research projects, including the national natural science funds on a joint project, strategic leading science and technology projects of the Chinese academy of sciences "in the south China sea environmental change" corpus project, national engineering center matching projects in shandong province, Qingdao standardization reward fund projects and cnooc energy development co., LTD., the victory oil field survey and design institute and other large enterprises entrust projects. Won 1 second prize and 1 third prize of Qingdao science and technology progress award, 1 second prize of innovation achievements of the state oceanic administration, published 25 official journal papers, 13 SCI papers and 2 EI papers as the first author and corresponding author; Four patents have been applied, three of which have been disclosed and one has been authorized. Actively participate in the formulation of standards to improve the standardization of anti-corrosion products. Four national standards and six local standards have been written and promulgated.

Ge chengyue: doctor, expert on Marine corrosion and protection. In 2014, I won the second prize of science and technology progress of zhongshan city, and the third prize of science and technology progress of Qingdao city in 2018. I have published many SCI papers.

Sun xin: master, research assistant, institute of oceanography, Chinese academy of sciences. Participated in "research on preparation and performance of new one-dimensional electrode materials for lithium ion battery" project of excellent young and middle-aged scientists foundation of shandong province, responsible for literature retrieval, experimental scheme design, experimental operation, product characterization and paper writing. 2016~2017 participated in the postdoctoral applied research project "research on seaweed carbon aerogel composite material used as anode material for lithium ion battery", responsible for literature retrieval, experimental scheme design, experimental operation, product characterization and paper writing.


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