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   Youlinsheng join investment

   Franchise hotline:400-8858-119                                                  

   Advantages of franchising

   1、China national compulsory certification (CCC certification) issued by the ministry of public security      

   2、There are related invention patents: 50 invention patents, 15 new utility patents

   3、Through the national fixed fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant components quality testing center testing

   4、Provide relevant training and business guidance to dealers

   5、Academician workstation has been set up, with independent technical team


   Youlinsheng group      agency notice


    I. Authorized agent products

    Tunnel fireproof coating, steel structure fireproof coating, internal and external wall coating, RPC cover,         anticorrosive and antirust coating

    II. Ways of agency cooperation

   General manager of regional product distribution, regional product technical service agent

    III. How to become an agent

    1、The applicant shall provide the relevant true and detailed information to the company. 

    2、After the application is approved by the company, the Marketing Department will conduct feasibility analysis and discussion with the applicant. 

    3、Confirm agency qualification and sign formal agency contract

    IV. The agent shall be qualified

    1、Must have independent legal person qualification, familiar with fireproof coating product sales. 

    2、Have a certain financial strength for distribution and sales. 

    3、Good interpersonal and social resources in the area. 

    4、Good marketing and planning skills.

    V. Requirements for agents

    1、Strictly implement the company's price system policy

    2、Responsible for market development and management in the authorized area

    VI. Support for agents

    1、Within the validity of the contract, Youlinsheng brand is authorized to be used

    2、Within the validity period of the contract, Youlinsheng group is authorized to use the relevant qualification documents

    3、Provide professional product and technical training

    4、Major engineering projects, the company can provide business support

   Telephone number :0797-5556802,55568,05

   Fax number:0797-5556802

   Cellphone number:15979766999(Ms Rong)

   Q Q:1620590257


   Address: No. 2 xiyu road, industrial park, economic and technological development zone, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province

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