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Longzheng technology development co., LTD──professional fireproof coating manufacturers

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                       solemn promise


                     For reporting fake goods, we will crack down on infringement

     When a few customers are living cooperation with Youlinsheng, buy a few normal products only, buy to the market next or oneself process low-price inferior product counterfeit on Youlinsheng to live brand coating, bring about project occurrence numerous quality problem, damaged enterprise reputation badly.

    With the continuous increase of the company's product categories, our company will hold Youlinsheng responsible for forging the company's qualification and official seal, manufacturing and trading the fake products of Youlinsheng. If you find this phenomenon, please call us for advice. Once verified, the company will give you a big prize and promise to keep the information of the whistleblower absolutely confidential.

   If there is any suspicion, our company will directly contact the project department to understand the actual quantity and construction design requirements. We will investigate the frauds from the strictest degree according to the law and ask for the maximum amount of economic compensation. There is no negotiation condition. The company will do its best to expose the infringers in various media and online.

   All customers must sign a letter of commitment with our company after 2019 to ensure the legality and uniqueness of fireproof coating products in the cooperative project and ensure the project quality is up to standard. Youlinsheng group in view of counterfeit youlin health brand coating phenomenon, will not borrow cut cost to defend the company's reputation and interests, to those who violate the company's rights and interests of any units and individuals will be regarded as hostile, never soft! At the same time to those who frankly cooperate with the customer to give a large degree of price concessions and a full range of after-sales service.

                                                                                                                                Youlinsheng group

                                                                                                                               19th April 2019

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