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JX-106Tunnel fire coating

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JX-106Tunnel fire coating

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Product description:

SH(JX-106)Tunnel fire coatings are independently developed and produced by the company's technical team fire coatings products. Inorganic fire insulation material as the main component. Solved the current domestic tunnel fire coatings coating is too thick, fire limit is not high, bond strength is low, crack resistance, frost resistance is not high shortcomings, is an environmental protection of high performance "green" environmental protection inorganic light tunnel fire coatings.

This product won the Chinese national mandatory product certification, and through the ministry of public security fire product conformity assessment center RABT heating way, 120 min, warming cooling 110 min of refractory, technical indicators reach and exceed the national standard GB28375-2012 "concrete structure fire-retardant coating, CNCA - C18 - 02: 2014" mandatory product certification implementation rules for fire protection product ", CCCF HZFH - 01 "mandatory product certification implementation rules fire fire materials products of fire protection products.

Product use and fire prevention principle

 SH(JX-106)Tunnel fire coatings in tunnel hole, protect the base material is not affected by environmental factors at ordinary times, due to the product itself has the incombustible, in can make the protected base material in case of fire don't direct contact with the air, and it also has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, can delay the flame temperature is to protect the base material to pass to protect the base material softening collapse within a certain amount of time, so as to improve the fire resistance of base material.

Scope of application

It is mainly used for fire prevention of highway tunnel, railway tunnel, petrochemical engineering, high-rise building, steel structure and underground garage.

Supporting system: tunnel fire coatings, tunnel anti - mildew putty, closed primer, tunnel special topcoat

Construction method: spraying, rolling and scraping

Product performance advantages

◆ Environmental protection

No asbestos and harmful substances, no irritating smell after production, use and application. When a fire occurs, no toxic gas is released, and the smoke toxicity reaches AQ-1 level, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

◆ Construction is simple and easy

Factory unified production preparation, single component packaging, construction site mixing and stirring construction, easy to operate, quick drying and curing, workability is good, construction can be manual daub and mechanical wet spraying.

◆ Strong cohesive force

Light coating, strong bond, high strength, superior aging resistance, alkaline material, can adapt to complex and changeable climate, strong adhesion to concrete, long service life.

◆ Good resistance to acid, alkali, freezing and water

After the test, the coating does not crack, rise, fall off, change color, meet the GB28375-2012 "fire retardant coatings for concrete structures" standard.

◆ Excellent fire resistance

Thin coating, good fire resistance. The RABT test results are as follows: heating for 2h, cooling for 1.83h, excellent fire prevention and insulation performance, able to withstand the impact of hydrocarbon fire at high temperature for a long time.

◆ Sound absorbing and muffling effect

It has obvious sound-absorbing and muffling effect on long curve tunnel.

◆ Convenient cleaning

Good water resistance and moisture resistance, can be washed with water after dry solid, conducive to cleaning the hole.

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