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Youlinsheng inorganic paint for interior and exterior walls

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Youlinsheng inorganic paint for interior and exterior walls

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True stone paint is made of natural rock as raw material, and USES the natural color and super hardness of natural rock itself to show the color characteristics of the paint. No chemical pigments and other fillers need to be added in the production. As exterior wall decoration, exterior wall coating are mainly putty, acrylic wall paint, wall fluor-carbon painting, really stone paint, etc., really stone paint process consists of high performance resin emulsion, all kinds of natural colored sand, and a variety of additives configuration of thick slurry type texture coating, really stone paint is mainly used for decoration and protection of exterior wall, after spray or wipe besmear construction form similar to natural stone decoration effect of a kind of coating process. As the process needs to develop a set of external wall paint construction plan to decorate the overall planning.

Construction plan of exterior wall genuine stone paint

First, the importance of engineering

True stone paint as exterior wall veneer is of great importance, first-class products plus careful construction, can make the two perfect combination, create first-class model project. We will implement the all-round quality management system according to the requirements of chuangbei project and strive to achieve the first-class model and standard project.

II. Construction steps and methods

1. Check the smoothness of the main wall and whether the lines are straight and clear, and require the basic level surface to be flat and dry (cement mortar surface should be maintained for more than 15 days), without floating ash, asphalt and other stains, and PH < 10, moisture content < 10%.

2. The floating layer should be removed from the old cement surface to ensure a firm base, remove impurities from the wall, repair the porous and rough base surface, and then smooth it with grinding wheel.

3. According to the decoration requirements, use cement mortar or adhesive tape to divide the base surface into the required graphics (each partition surface should be no more than 1.5m2).

4, the bottom coating construction
A. Neutralization treatment: neutralize alkaline walls with special neutralizer to ensure that the walls after construction are free from alkali. The amount is about 0.1-0.2kg/m2.
B. Primer construction: flush the neutralized wall with water. After the wall is dry, apply primer construction with the amount of 0.15-0.20kg/m2. C. The bottom coating can be applied by brush, roll or spray.

5, main coating (true stone paint) construction: after the bottom coating is completely dry (generally need 4-6 hours), the construction can be carried out, according to different decorative requirements, the first test spraying, to determine the required pressure, spray gun caliber and spraying quantity, generally 5kg/m2.

A. Monochrome main coating: it is advisable to spray twice. The first coating before drying, you can spray the second.
B. Main color coating: double pipe true stone paint spray gun or single pipe true stone paint spray gun can be used for spraying.

6. Auxiliary treatment: remove and segment the tape, and mark it according to decoration needs.

7. Finish layer (varnish)
Construction: only after the main coating is completely dry (generally about 48 hours) can the construction be carried out. It can be painted or rolled. The amount of finishing paint is 0.15-0.20kg/m2.

III. Matters needing attention

1, construction, scaffolding should be about 30cm away from the wall, such as the distance is too close, the upper and lower layers of scaffolding between the spraying part may have contact mark, affecting the decorative effect.

2, do not spray parts and objects, use baffle or paper separation.

3. The temperature during construction should be higher than 50C, while the wind force should not be higher than grade 4. The main coating should avoid rain and snow within 24 hours.

4, oil primer, finish is flammable and dangerous goods, construction should be strictly prohibited fireworks.

5. After the construction of the main coating, the tools should be cleaned with water immediately.

6. After the application of oil primer and finish paint, use xylene and other solvents to clean the tools.

7. During the construction process, it is strictly forbidden to add water to dilute the materials arbitrarily.

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