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Water-based self-cleaning fluorocarbon topcoat

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Water-based self-cleaning fluorocarbon topcoat

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Can be used under harsh conditions, and has a long anti-corrosion life, heavy anti-corrosion coatings in chemical atmosphere and Marine environment, generally can be used for more than 10 or 15 years, even in alkali, salt and solvent medium, and at a certain temperature, can also be used for more than 5 years. Thick film is an important sign of heavy anticorrosive coatings.

The coating dry film thickness of general anticorrosive coatings is about 100 μm or 150 μm, while the dry film thickness of heavy anticorrosive coatings is above 200 μm or 300 μm, and there are 500 μm ~ 1000 μm, and up to 2000 μm. According to the us NACE specification [PR-01-76 (1983) modified ItenNo.53105, the anti-corrosion function of ZS-711 coating was identified, and the results passed the test of 4000h salt spray test and 4000h moisture and heat test smoothly.

The coating has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, high temperature (400℃ ~ 600℃), low temperature (-60℃), stable electrical conductivity; Its resistivity can meet the requirement of anti-static, and can guarantee the long life of coating.

Strong adhesion: strong adhesion between coating and substrate, coating components contain hydroxyl (-OH), metal matrix to supply positive ions, can form chemical bond, in the coating of the right coupling agent assistance, and even the end of the covalent chain. Under the maintenance of spatial mesh structure, the metal, metal oxide nanometer data and rare earth oxide ultrafine powder contained in the coating composition assist the coating to form a fine interfacial transition layer, and make its comprehensive thermodynamic properties match with the matrix.

High efficiency and convenience: simple construction, the real end of the inorganic coating room temperature self-curing, when the ambient temperature of 20℃, relative humidity is less than 85%, the table dry for 15min, dry 2h, can ensure the high efficiency of construction, can end excellent salt fog resistance, aging resistance. The coating is self-repairing, some scratches caused by external force can still be protected, the coating is not damaged by cutting and welding, welding with coating does not affect the quality of welding.

When buying waterborne anticorrosive paint, we need to know its resistance to wiping times. The water-borne anticorrosive paint on the market is resistant to wipe times is different, some products resistant to wipe times up to tens of thousands of times, some have only a few thousand times. But we want to make it clear that only The Times of resistance to wiping up to 1000 times, then it is a qualified product. On the premise that it is a qualified product, we can choose the water-based anticorrosive paint products suitable for our own needs.

We choose and buy, also need to check the technical parameters of waterborne anticorrosive paint. As a result of different coating, no matter be in environmental protection, or saturation or the parameter such as colour respect is different. So before buying paint, we need to do a good job, the more fully understand the waterborne anticorrosive paint in the purchase of the more know which paint quality is better. If you have an understanding of waterborne anticorrosive paint, you can easily understand these parameters, you can understand the content of harmful substances through the parameters of paint, so as to select satisfactory demand for the product. If do not have time to do the homework of this respect really, so the time that buy can choose the market to exist long product, and not the product of new style, want to know the product quality of old money has a few more assure.

In order to ensure that the purchase of waterborne anticorrosive paint is high quality, simple selection method is to find suitable products from the high visibility of the brand demand, usually the products of big brands are very quality assurance, and problems, they can also be timely processing.

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