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Building insulation reflective paint

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Building insulation reflective paint

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Insulation can not only solve the insulation problem, but also reduce the thickness of the wall, reduce the construction cost. External wall insulation is the most effective way to save energy in energy-saving buildings. As the application of external material, building insulation coating is the first choice.

In our country, more mature and exterior insulation system: polystyrene board thin stick exterior insulation system, heat preservation and heat insulation powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation paste system, cast-in-situ concrete composite net free polystyrene board exterior insulation system, cast-in-situ concrete composite polystyrene line frame, mechanical fixed polystyrene board exterior insulation system line board exterior insulation system. In addition, rock wool, polyurethane, extruded polybenzene board and other external insulation systems are developed and applied. Building energy conservation in Western Europe and the United States, wall insulation system is widely used, the main insulation board and thin plastering mode is stuck on the outside, there are two kinds of insulation materials: flame retardant and non-combustible rock wool board eps, are decorated with coating layer. External insulation systems were originally used in Europe to compensate for cracks in walls.

The thermal conductivity of exterior wall insulation coating is low, easy to construction, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low pollution coefficient, is the most ideal insulation material in the exterior wall insulation industry. There are many kinds of exterior wall insulation coatings, ceramic insulation coatings, such as hydrophobic silicone insulation coatings, rubber powder polybenzene particles exterior wall insulation coatings, and so on. Ceramic heat insulation coatings, water-based liquid coatings, ultra-fine hollow ceramic beads can effectively reduce the energy consumption of buildings for cooling in summer and heating in winter by pretreatment and high quality emulsion mixing, high thermal reflectivity and radiation. Hydrophobic silicate insulating paint is made of high quality sepiolite velvet, aluminum silicate fiber, expanded perlite, organic silicon and other high quality insulation materials and polymer compounds, with excellent insulation performance, widely used in wall, storage tank, cold storage and other pipe insulation. The coating is a new type of insulation material, mainly composed of gelatin and polystyrene.

At present, relatively good exterior wall thermal insulation coatings have good weather resistance, low thermal conductivity, stable thermal insulation performance, high softening coefficient, freeze-thaw, aging resistance and other advantages. Matrix deformation adaptability, effectively prevent the formation of wall cracks. The system has no cavity and can resist negative wind pressure. Good air permeability, strong respiratory function, with good waterproof function, can remove the insulation layer of water; Convenient and fast construction, multi-layer construction. Fire rating can meet the comprehensive advantages of b1 and above.

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