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Price of RPC cover plate

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Price of RPC cover plate

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Fiber reinforced active Powder Concrete (Reactive Powder Concrete) is a cement-based composite material developed by the research and development team of our company, which has super high strength, high toughness, high durability and good volume stability.

Performance advantages of RPC cover

1, good strength and durability indicators
RPC components have long service life and high durability. The results of 600 times of fast antifreeze and thawing experiments show that the dynamic elastic modulus has no loss, the mass has no loss, and the permeability of chloride ion is less than 40 coulombs.


2. Regular and tidy appearance, convenient construction and installationUnder the same stress conditions, the thickness and mass of RPC members are about 1/3 of those of ordinary concrete members, so it is convenient to transport and install. Factory production of prefabricated parts, uniform appearance and size, can be repeatedly carried and placed without corner, cracking, broken edge.

3. Meet the requirements of national industrial development directionThe outline of the national "eleventh five-year plan" puts forward quantitative standards for energy conservation and emission reduction. The promotion and application of RPC technology highly conforms to the country's requirements for building a resource-saving society and an environment-friendly society. Generally speaking, the volume of RPC components is only about 1/3 of that of ordinary concrete, which can directly reduce the consumption of a large amount of steel and cement when meeting the requirements of engineering application. However, steel and cement are industries with high pollution and high energy consumption, so controlling their application in engineering is of great practical significance for protecting resources and reducing pollution.


Five people stand on the cover plate without any damage, good folding resistance

RPC cover product advantages


1, with strong corrosion resistance, structural durability can reach 70-100 years of service life.

2, light weight, is the traditional concrete cover plate weight 1/3, can reduce the structural load, reduce the installation and dismantling labor cost. The weight of traditional concrete trench cover is 80kg, while that of RPC cover is 26kg.

3. All the materials are inorganic materials, which are environmentally friendly and reduce the national building emissions by 2/3 of the traditional concrete cover plate.

4. The cost is slightly 10% to 15% higher than the traditional concrete cover plate, and the loss rate during operation and maintenance is very low, which can effectively reduce the cost during operation and maintenance, and it can effectively reduce the cost of traditional concrete cover plate by 25% to 35% after calculation.

5. The bearing capacity is 3.5-4.0 times that of traditional concrete cover plate, and there is a test report issued by the national recognized testing unit.

6. Various specifications, shapes and logos of RPC cover boards can be customized.

The application prospect of RPC cover plate


1. Precast structural products
Under the same bearing capacity condition, the section size is effectively reduced, the weight of the structure is reduced, and the section form is thinner and more novel and reasonable. Overpass, overpass, urban light rail viaduct.

2. Prestressed structure
The extremely high compressive strength, elastic modulus and cracking strength make full use of the strength of high-strength prestressed tendons in prestressed members, and the creep and shrinkage phenomenon is extremely small, which reduces the value of prestress loss caused by material shrinkage and creep in its prestressed members to the minimum.

3, seismic structure
Lighter structural systems reduce inertial loads, reduce elastic deformation, and increase shear resistance when applied to joints.

4. Concrete filled steel tube
No fiber pipe RPC, high compression resistance, elastic modulus and impact toughness. The pillar of high-rise or super high-rise building can greatly reduce the size of section, increase the usable area of the building and the appearance.

5. Other fields

◆ high wear resistance, can be used for road surface, bridge deck reconstruction.

◆ high permeability, pressure pipe and corrosive medium transmission pipe.

◆ high impact resistance and ultra-high permeability, medium and low radioactive waste storage containers.

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