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Youlinsheng tunnel energy storage luminous coating

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Youlinsheng tunnel energy storage luminous coating

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The product description

JX - 116 tunnel, the energy storage luminescent paint is a kind of coating of photoluminescence, is our company r&d team to introduce Germany on Lin technology concept, through the technology will be the special ingredient in rare earth materials converted into visible light, the principle to paint in any light source (including lights, lights, etc.) can absorb light energy and stored by the light stopped, will be stored energy released slowly, in the form of light continue to shine more than ten hours in the dark. The coating has the characteristics of brightening, delay luminescence, washing resistance, pollution resistance and long service life. Its light wave in the light source or the light source after the emergency extinguish the special function of penetrating smoke, can provide emergency lighting to ensure the safe visual distance of driving, reduce the safety hidden danger. When the tunnel fire, can provide emergency escape lighting, reduce the loss of life and property.

Luminous coating topcoat commonly used colors for milky white, cream-colored, creamy yellow, pale blue, light green, cherry red, etc., can be determined according to the requirements of matching colors, in the dark when the extension of the luminous afterglow light waves are yellow-green, blue-green, sky blue.

Scope of application
Suitable for fire prevention, lighting and decoration of highway tunnel, underground space, subway, civil air defense, pedestrian tunnel, public facilities, hospital, shopping mall, station, school, super high-rise building, etc.

The construction method
Supporting system: fire primer, energy storage luminous finish.
Construction method: spraying and roller coating.

Product performance advantages
with tunnel fire coating performance, and has excellent weather resistance, stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wash resistance and decorative functions.

high efficiency of lighting and energy saving, can reduce the lighting power (or increase the lamp distance) under the same lighting degree, can increase the lighting rate by 20%-60% according to different lighting sources.

delay luminous time ≥12 hours, provide escape lighting after class in the dark state of sudden fire (or other disasters).

when auxiliary lighting, the light is soft, the smoke penetration ability of light wave is strong, and the visual distance and visibility are increased.

visual comfort, can reduce the tunnel entrance and exit "black hole", "blind light" phenomenon.

products non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, non-radioactive, safe and environmental protection, service life ≥20 years.

with auxiliary lighting, emergency lighting and emergency escape lighting function.

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