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Tunnel fire coatings manufacturers

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Tunnel fire coatings manufacturers

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The product description

Microorganism is widely exist in nature, usually mold is suitable for breeding of natural conditions of relative humidity is 85% to 100%, as a result, some concrete buildings (such as: the tunnel, the basement, etc.) and wet, cold, long not contact with sunshine environment is especially suitable for the growth of mold, they multiply rapidly, and thus produce enzymes, acids, and drug metabolites, which affect the appearance of the concrete building inner surface decoration and quality.

Jx-107 tunnel anti-mildew and flame retardant topcoat adopts international advanced technology, which is a green environmental protection product. Both excellent anti-mildew performance, can inhibit the growth of all kinds of mold, and can have quite good fire prevention effect, but also has decorative performance, paint color soft and beautiful, is the first choice of the decoration of the concrete building high-grade fire coatings.

Scope of application
It is suitable for the decoration of tunnel fireproof coating, beautiful and generous. It is used for the interior wall, concrete tunnel surface and fireproof coating surface.

The construction method
Construction method: machine spraying, hand painting, rolling and brush painting.

Product performance advantages
texture is exquisite, coating smooth smooth, soft feel

environmental protection non-toxic, no harmful gas

strong anti-mildew and antibacterial, bacteria can not grow on its surface

strong adhesion, good covering

less coating, cost saving

waterproof, fire prevention, scrub resistance, durability

good alkali resistance, good construction performance, coating, spray

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