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JX-112Fire retardant coating for thin steel structures

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JX-112Fire retardant coating for thin steel structures

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Steel structure fire retardant coating manufacturers absorption, overall if we watch people, wisdom is the most reliable is the absorption of unknown ma can the choose and buy, it said, some people are charging treasure, the greater the quality, the better, in fact, the bigger the absorption, the za process costs also increase more, making the credible security be assured destruction or at least, so, when choosing suitable for my own will, not crazy looking for big completely.

Steel structure fire retardant coating is unknown, unknown level can also go to believe, always, in contrast, regardless of the craft level, of course, the people want to buy, after use, evaluation, or experts or after sales service and this basically getting more complete, in addition, so much practical experience can also take money to buy from amazon, and the cost of store of must be have more reality is very cheap, no matter from practical, discourse media sufficiently specific ways, of course, is a real is one of the important of choose and buy a can also unknown.

1, before coating fire coating, base material to do a good job surface treatment, keep the surface clean, flat, etc. In particular, the steel structure of the base material before coating brush fireproofing paint, steel frame surface derusting corrosion treatment. Brush on anticorrosive paint, lest before spraying fireproof coating can have new rust to appear again, before spraying should clear surface dust pollution.
2, meet the requirements of fire coating construction environment
The ambient temperature is 0 to 40℃, the base material temperature is 5 to 45℃, the air relative humidity is not more than 90%. At the same time, maintain the air circulation in the construction site, the wind speed is no more than 5m/s and there is no cross draft. It is not suitable for outdoor operation or construction component surface condensation. When painting, mainly brush painting, can also be sprayed. The thickness of each coating is 10mm to 20mm, and the second application shall be carried out after the surface is dry. The time interval of each coating shall be subject to the non-contact of the coating until the required thickness. Partial repairs should be daubed by hand.
3, fire paint construction to brush coating
4. Maintenance and coating storage after painting
After the completion of fireproof coating construction, it is necessary to do a good job of curing and maintenance of fireproof coating. Just spray good coating should avoid rain, avoid direct sunlight, at room temperature coating will be solidified within 48~96 hours. The storage temperature of coating is 4 to 40℃, can not be put in outdoor storage or be insolated in the sun, the effective period of fire retardant coating products is generally half a year.

A catalyst is a substance that decomposes phosphoric acid under certain conditions, dehydrating polyols so that they form a carbonized layer in a three-dimensional structure that is not flammable. In addition, the water solubility of melamine phosphate is smaller than that of polyamine phosphate, and it has both catalytic and foaming effects.

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