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JX-111Fire retardant coating for ultra-thin steel structures

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JX-111Fire retardant coating for ultra-thin steel structures

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 Product description

NCB(YS-111)Interior ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating is an ultra-thin fireproof coating product independently developed and produced by the company's technical team. It USES the new patent technology route research and development, the product quality achieves the domestic advanced level.

Products won the China national mandatory product certification, and through the state administration of quality supervision inspection center type test, technical indicators reach and exceed the national standard GB14907-2002 "steel structure fire retardant coatings", CNCA - C18 - 02:2014 "mandatory product certification implementation rules for fire protection product" CCCF HZFH - 01 "mandatory product certification implementation rules fire materials products of fire protection products."

Product use and fire prevention principle

NCB(YS-111)Indoor ultra thin steel structure fireproof coating besmear is brushed at steel component surface, at ordinary times the erosion that protects steel not to suffer environmental factor, when happening fire, encounter fire to expand bubble, form spongy carbonization layer, prevent heat to base material transmission, protect steel structure bottom material not to soften collapse inside certain time, raise the refractory time limit of steel structure thereby.

Scope of application

It is widely used in fire protection of steel structure of super high-rise building, large industrial and mining steel structure workshop, gymnasium, cold warehouse, oil depot, nuclear power plant and exhibition hall.

Construction process

1. Painting preparation: technical disclosure, appliance and tooling preparation, fireproof coating inspection.
2. Surface cleaning: anti-rust inspection of steel structure, dirt and debris removal and dressing of steel structure surface.
3. Coating: fire retardant coating site fully stirred, repeated coating inspection, leveling treatment and inspection.
4. Finished product maintenance: coating maintenance, finishing and inspection.

Product performance advantages

light weight, thin coating, excellent fire resistance

 smooth surface and good decoration effect (ivory white or light gray is optional)

excellent weather resistance, waterproof protective coating should be made for outdoor use

The coating has excellent aging resistance, strong and durable, and does not powder for many years

German technology, German quality

direct spraying and coating construction, quick drying and curing

 environmental protection, no asbestos and organic solvent, no harm to human body

strong adhesion

◆ excellent bending resistance, earthquake resistance and frost resistance

wide range of applications, widely used steel structure plant, stadium, etc

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