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JX-110 thick fire retardant coating for steel structure

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JX-110 thick fire retardant coating for steel structure

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Product description

NH(JX-110)Interior thick steel structure fireproof coating is the company's technical team independent research and development and production of fireproof coating products, is inorganic fireproof products, it can make the protection of the base material fireproof time to reach more than 3 hours, designed and produced for the fireproof protection of the load-bearing members of the steel structure of fire-resistant grade.

This product won the Chinese national mandatory product certification, and through the state administration of quality supervision inspection center type test, technical indicators reach and exceed the national standard GB14907-2002 "steel structure fire retardant coatings", CNCA - C18 - 02:2014 "mandatory product certification implementation rules for fire protection product", CCCF HZFH - 01 "mandatory product certification implementation rules fire materials products of fire protection products."

Product use and fire prevention principle

NH(JX-110)Interior thick steel structure fire retardant coating can be used for fireproof rank high steel structure beam and column, protect the steel is not affected by environmental factors at ordinary times, when a fire coating can rely on their own incombustible and low thermal conductivity of refractory insulating protection layer, slow fire for bearing component directly, so as to improve the fire resistance of steel structure fire resistance of the product, good resistance to aging for high likehood component optimization of fire protection products.

Scope of application

It is suitable for fireproof coating and protection of steel load-bearing members in all kinds of newly built, expanded and rebuilt industrial and civil construction projects. It is also suitable for fire protection of steel structure and fire dike under fire condition of petrochemical industry.

Construction process

  1. Painting preparation: technical disclosure, appliance and tooling preparation, fireproof coating inspection.

  2. Surface cleaning: anti-rust inspection of steel structure, dirt and debris removal and dressing of steel structure surface.

  3. Coating coating: fire coating site fully stirred, repeated coating, inspection, leveling treatment and inspection.

  4. Finished product maintenance: coating maintenance, finishing and inspection.

Product performance advantages

Light weight, paint light, strong adhesion, anti - pressure

Inorganic dry powder coating, environmental protection, asbestos free, harmless to human body

No need to do anti-corrosion, no need to hang the net, simple construction

Sound absorption function, reduce noise pollution

German technology, German quality

Direct spraying and application, quick drying and curing

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