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The exterior wall is really stucco

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The exterior wall is really stucco

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True stone paint, if you have decorated the house then this product will not be unfamiliar to you, when you decorate the house, because of the current high housing prices, many people want to save some cost in the decoration, below I will teach you how to save your decoration cost in true stone paint.
How to save the cost of exterior wall genuine stone paint
The proportion of materials in the construction process of exterior wall genuine stone paint is very large. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we strictly control the material consumption of unit project quantity, improve the utilization rate of materials, and save the construction cost invisiblely. Construction personnel pay attention to material saving, reduce unnecessary waste and loss can also achieve cost control.
True stone lacquer basically is made by arenaceous of stone of emulsion, natural color and relevant assistant, after dry knot solidifies hard be like stone, look like natural true stone same, adornment effect resembles marble, granite, true stone lacquer also calls liquid stone multicolor coating. Quality: the quality of true stone paint has a decisive impact on the construction cost, good external wall true stone paint adhesion, construction sand less, cover power strong reduction of consumption, no color difference color uniformity, paint film does not crack a good role. So as far as possible to choose a stable product quality of the true stone paint brand.
Spray primer: exterior wall really stone paint, it is necessary to brush at the grassroots level, have the effect of alkali resistance, closed, generally the exterior wall of black primer used as the jointing agent role but really stone paint, due to cover black primer, the dosage of the outer walls and other color really stone paint is relatively small, if primer are adjusted and exterior really stone paint the same color, can also be appropriate to reduce the dosage.
Construction personnel
The skilled degree of construction personnel, skilled workers work more and the construction effect is good, the amount of real stone paint on the external wall can be greater savings, professional and mature construction team can be based on different construction conditions to develop suitable construction plans, to ensure the quality of the project under the premise of cost savings.
When we are doing true stone paint project, there is an acceptance standard for flatness, many people are not quite clear. Below we have a look at the true stone paint project flatness acceptance:
1, true stone paint coating is flat check is also very important. Flatness acceptance is important to check the corner deviation and vertical flatness of the wall, through the check of these two items, to ensure the acceptance of the wall is flat.
2, corner deviation check: using the multi-function table right Angle measuring ruler can detect the right Angle deviation in the wall table (Yin and Yang). When using, push down to open the Angle pointer box. When the pointer is at the position of zero, the right Angle is 90 degrees, and its deviation value is directly read, each grid is 1mm. Common as usual besmear brushs the metope deviation value of true stone lacquer is 4mm.
3. Check the degree of verticality of the wall: when using the vertical measuring ruler, put the left side of the measuring ruler close to the measured surface and inspect the pointer. The scale indicated is the deviation value. Verticality deviation value of true stone paint wall is usually 5mm, degree deviation value is 4mm.

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