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Interior and exterior seal primer

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Interior and exterior seal primer

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Emulsioni paint drying speed is fast, colour is downy, in recent years a lot of families choose to regard emulsioni paint as the metope besmear when the building is decorated brushs material, but a lot of users worry inside can contain the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, because this does not know how long after decorating, move in ability is more appropriate. In view of this one problem, emulsioni paint manufacturer made the following introduction for us.
In emulsioni paint, there are as many as dozens of auxiliary, pigment, these auxiliary, pigment selection is improper, emulsioni paint in the drying will release organic volatile matter, more than a certain concentration will cause harm to the human body. Actually, the environmental protection performance of emulsioni paint now is better and better. Although some of the chemicals in latex paint are toxic, they are not very toxic to humans or are toxic to humans when they touch them or smell them. Say emulsioni paint did good on environmental protection function however, had been in environmental protection standard inside, should maintain ventilated after decorating to finish only control for a month, basically won't cause harm to human body.
After brushing emulsioni paint, we need to open door window convection is ventilated, decompose through air, volatilize, dry remain harmful gas, also can plant the following plant miniascape indoors, can dispel the poisonous in emulsioni paint effectively so, harmful gas and material. Due to the low temperature in winter, about 2 weeks can be assured to stay, summer and autumn temperature is higher, evaporation fast, after 10 days can be assured to stay. Because emulsioni paint construction rises more convenient, cover force is stronger, and colour is rich diversity, a lot of consumer can choose to undertake metope is decorated with it. But a lot of consumer worry it can be as poisonous as paint, bring certain harm to our body, because this family decorates, the meeting after finishing worries safety problem quite, be aimed at this one problem, emulsioni paint manufacturer did detailed introduction from raw material and flavour two respects for everybody.

  1. Judging from the raw materials of latex paint, good quality normal latex paint generally use water as paint solvent, basically does not contain harmful substances to human body; For some poor quality coatings, pva, pva and other chemical raw materials are used instead of raw materials, which contain a large amount of free formaldehyde and are harmful to human body.

  2 .judging from the taste, no matter there is no taste, in fact, they are toxic, only the taste of latex paint is added some flavor, in fact, latex paint in the home is not very big pollution, currently on the market are water-soluble floating paint volatile fast, three days before the basic volatile 70% of formaldehyde pollution.

By afore-mentioned knowable, the emulsioni paint that USES high grade raw material to produce won't cause harm to human body, accordingly, the product that user should choose and buy well-known manufacturer to produce as far as possible. Also,, after painting to strengthen ventilation, ventilation as far as possible after one to two months to move in.

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