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Ecological exterior wall latex paint

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Ecological exterior wall latex paint

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When we paint latex paint, not only to consider its construction effect, but also to its construction cost for many aspects of the planning, but the actual construction of the product construction cost by many factors, the main influencing factors are as follows:
    1. Selection of raw materials: the quality of latex paint will not only affect its purchase price, but also have a great impact on its actual consumption, high-quality products with higher adhesion and covering power, larger coating area, longer service life, can better reduce the long-term use cost.
    2. Wall conditions: if the surface of the construction is uneven, it will increase the construction difficulty, extend the construction period, and increase the amount of latex paint, greatly increasing the actual construction cost.
    3. Construction method: different construction techniques are adopted to achieve special construction effect, which will have a significant impact on the amount of paint and the construction period, and also cause the difference in construction cost.
    4. Construction structure: in the construction process, the construction thickness of latex paint, directly determines its dosage, is also one of the major factors affecting the construction cost.

The use of emulsioni paint is having very big effect to the living mood and health of family member, accordingly, we should master correct use method. Emulsioni paint manufacturer introduced the following use method for us, we can consult.
    1. Before construction should seal metope with sealing bottom first, besmear brushs emulsioni paint next, after besmear brushs otherwise, can cause fall off, craze, bubble to wait for a problem, and emulsioni paint performance is better, film sex is better, the problem is more serious.
    2. Before the construction should be the first to stir it evenly, by its use of bright color products, if not stir evenly, when the paint color paste dispersion instability or because of long time storage after the color paste precipitation, this is the construction will cause decorative flower, seriously affect the decorative effect.
    3. Construction should be in strict accordance with the provisions of the manufacturers add water, because some manufacturers in the design has fully taken into account the various needs of users, designed a variety of formulas, some latex paint in the construction without adding water, water destroyed its various properties.

Emulsioni paint is a kind of important material in our household to decorate a life, its adornment effect is superior, functional sex is strong, construction is simple and easy, and besmear-film is dry fast, permeability, water resistance is good, because this more and more decorate owner to choose it as metope adornment material. But brand of emulsioni paint is too much, see dazzling, so, how should we choose?
    1. Can opening effect: high quality latex paint should be free of precipitation and caking after can opening. Hold the paint with your hands until it is smooth and smooth.
    2. Smell the smell of products: high quality products smell light and fragrant, no smelly, pungent smell, inferior latex paint not only affect the construction quality, which contains unqualified chemical raw materials will endanger human health, so when smelling the smell of pungent odor or industrial flavor, is not the ideal choice.
    3. Look at the gloss: good latex paint film bright color, high gloss, in addition, some special formulation of metal flash paint has a polarized effect.
    4. Touch the dry film surface: wipe back and forth on the corresponding sample with a wet cloth. The coating of high-quality products will not be damaged generally.
    5. Look at the sample: high-quality products feel smooth, delicate, full paint film, as bright as new, and defective condensation and poor water resistance, a touch will fade.
    6. Look at the package and logo: the package of the product should be intact, especially the joints or welds of the drum should be free from corrosion and penetration. The product logo should contain the product name, number, production date, shelf life, company name, contact information and other information

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