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Internal and external wall paint latex paint

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Internal and external wall paint latex paint

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Many construction teams in order to pursue more beautiful visual effects, often in the building outside coating brush a layer of external wall latex paint. But we can discover the product of different manufacturer, different brand when choose and buy emulsioni paint, its price is different, and the price of this product also does not have relevant standard. Then, how should we judge whether the price of the product is reasonable? Small make up for you to introduce the following main factors affecting the price, you can understand.
1. Finishing effect: to achieve a different effect, the coating scheme is different, the quality of the external wall latex paint, the process is not the same, the price is not the same.
2. Raw materials: the main components of latex paint are emulsion, colored sand and additives, etc., the content of emulsion, natural colored sand quality and the amount of additives will affect the price of latex paint.
3. Painting area: the construction area is a major factor affecting the price. As long as the area is different, the price is not necessarily the same as the other areas.
4. Construction process: different coating schemes and construction prices are different. The same painting scheme, different construction standards, the price difference is also very large.
Have afore-mentioned knowable, the price of exterior wall emulsioni paint is affected by a lot of factors, accordingly, we must be careful when this material of choose and buy, consider the element of many sided integratedly, do not notice the importance of price and oversight quality only. Undertake when decorating outside wall, major person can choose to use outside wall emulsioni paint, because the adornment effect of this material is better, and do not contain toxic or harmful material. For how to carry out construction, many people want to know, because only the right construction, can have a good effect. Emulsioni paint manufacturer introduced its construction technology in detail for us.
1. Repair: 1:3 cement mortar (or polymer cement mortar) shall be used to repair the edges and corners of the matrix, holes and other defects before application.
2. Cleaning: dust and powder can be washed with broom, brush and high-pressure water; grease can be cleaned with neutral detergent; Mortar - remove with a shovel, spatula, etc; Mold - outdoor high pressure water rinse, rinse with water to dry. 3. Fill the putty, local blowing putty: if the wall is flat, smooth, can not use putty, in filling, local blowing putty construction requirements, should be approved and not thick brush. Putty should have better adhesion, durability and water resistance. 4. Grinding: grinding must be done at the base or after the putty is dry, and wet grinding is not allowed to prevent the adhesion of sandpaper from affecting the operation. When polishing, first use coarse sand cloth or grinding machine, and then use fine sand cloth.
5. Apply fiberglass cloth: adopt uniform mesh density, do not use too dense fiberglass cloth for laying.
6. Scrape the putty and then smooth it: the purpose of scraping the putty with polymer is to repair the uneven phenomenon caused by taping the glass fiber cloth and prevent fine cracks on the surface.

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