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Youlinsheng environmental protection anticorrosive and antirust coating

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Youlinsheng environmental protection anticorrosive and antirust coating

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Special anticorrosive coatings are generally divided into conventional anticorrosive coatings and heavy anticorrosive coatings. Conventional anticorrosive coatings have anticorrosive effect on metals and other metals under normal circumstances to protect the service life of non-ferrous metals; Heavy-duty anticorrosive coating refers to a kind of anticorrosive coating which can be used in severe corrosive environment and has a longer protection period than ordinary anticorrosive coating. Conventional anticorrosive coating.

1. Special anti-corrosion coating atomization adjustment knob: commonly known as diffusion, range, control the spray range of the gun. Generally speaking, when spraying with color, the maximum value can be adjusted, which is conducive to the dispersion of colored particles and colored particles, and at the same time to avoid the concentration of pressure at the nozzle, leading to small colored particles;

2. Paint amount adjustment knob: commonly known as thimble, can not simply understand the control of paint amount in multi-color paint. When the knob rotates outward, when pulling the trigger, the distance between the core and the nozzle becomes larger, the discharge quantity increases, and large particles are easy to pop out. When the knob rotates inward, the distance between the core and the nozzle decreases, the discharge quantity decreases, and large particles are vulnerable to secondary shearing. In the field, if the particle gets smaller, the thimble can rotate outwards, and vice versa (only slightly relative to the color itself, of course).

3. Air inlet pressure adjustment knob: commonly known as the wind door, used to control the size of the jet pressure. By adjusting the throttle, we can adjust the smoothness, size, etc. (of course, this adjustment is only minor compared with the color itself).
Can be repeated in a short time, and reach the requirements of different film thickness (up to several millimeters thick film). Especially suitable for the demand of thick film type products, can be said to be convenient.
Chemical resistance and acid and alkali resistance
The solvent-free coatings developed at present can meet the special requirements of different chemical resistance and acid and alkali resistance because the components of agent A and agent B can be changed in the selection. However, the composition and structure of the main agent resin of different coating systems are different, and the coating system should be selected according to their own needs.
Excellent physical function
Solvent-free coatings do not contain solvents, so there will be residual solvents and physical properties. Due to the uniformity of its response, excellent physical properties can generally be obtained when the material is measured correctly and not affected by external environment. Primarily because of the reaction of resin is very thorough, and its molecular arrangement is very complete. Meanwhile, wear resistance, permeability resistance, weather resistance and mechanical properties can better display its excellent functions.
Construction operability
Solvent-free coatings despite the need for special technology, but basically can be operated at room temperature without the need for any heating equipment, together with the reaction time is short, it can be directly in the field of construction, so in use is very convenient. And because of its lower climate impact, it can be in a humid environment or low temperature climate construction. The coating can be continuous without any seams to ensure the quality of the coating.

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