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Water based epoxy intermediate paint

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Water based epoxy intermediate paint

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1, cover power: need to use paint to decorate the basic wall, the basic requirements of the wall after decoration should also be the wall to paint the new image, and the original color should be hidden by the new paint. That is, the coating should have the ability to cover the original base wall uneven color defects, for the coating of this cover ability, we call it the cover power.

2, solid content: coating solid content refers to the coating can not volatile components. We might as well use the concept of active ingredients to help understand.

In the previous two types of coatings are diluted with water, water is added completely for manufacturing and construction needs. After the wall on coating construction, water is to evaporate after all, can regard it as invalid composition consequently. The solid content of the so-called coating for water-based coating, can be intuitively understood as the coating will play out the water after how many active components remain.

3, resistance to washing: paint coating on the wall after a few years, even if dirty, appear old, generally no one will go through the water and other methods of washing metope renovation, but a new coating. But also cannot deny the classics in daily life, job regular meeting does not leave stain to wait on metope of the heart, innocent children also can leave their on metope sometimes "masterpiece" but because be local besmirch only, whether can be to undertake integral renovation, and wash brush only local? The answer is yes, excellent performance of the paint in the coating on the wall and dry, completely can be cleaned with water, even with detergent, soapy water, etc. This requires that the coating has the ability to undergo washing, rubbing, for the coating of this ability, known as paint resistance to washing.

4, resistance to dry rub: paint resistance to dry rub and resistance to wash brush from the truth is about the same, are examining the coating for the adhesion ability of the grass-roots wall, but the expression of the two is different. Brush resistance as described above reflects the performance and endurance of the paint under the wet rub situation, and dry rub resistance reflects the paint in the case of no water on the table machine touch, friction tolerance.

We all have such life experience, sometimes you don't pay attention to which wall, clothes immediately coated with a lot of white powder, we do not need an expert to know that the quality of paint on the wall is very poor. Qualified paint, after it is coated on the wall and dry, with the hands to touch or rub, hands should not have white powder.

5,Water resistance: how do philatelists get stamps off envelopes? Dry tearing is not possible, but soaking in water for a period of time can easily separate the stamp from the envelope without damaging the stamp design and paper base. Why? From a technical point of view, this is because the glue used to paste stamps is "not resistant to water", unable to resist the impact of water; Paper inks used for stamp printing are "water resistant".

For coatings, the ability to soak in water for a certain amount of time without damage itself is the coating's water resistance. Although there are few buildings in the water, but wet parts are everywhere, so the paint has water resistance is a very important performance index.

6, adhesion, coating as a kind of decoration materials, not only have adornment effect, also has quite a wall at the base of protection, some even have other special effect such as fire prevention, waterproof, anti-static, flies, etc., but all of these functions can play a role is the premise of coating can be firmly attached on the wall, otherwise everything is impossible. We put the coating on the base of the adhesion capacity as adhesion. The better the adhesion of the coating, the stronger the adhesion ability to the wall.

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