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Waterborne epoxy sealing primer

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Waterborne epoxy sealing primer

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1. Good decoration: the exterior wall coating is required to have rich colors and good color retention, which can maintain the original decorative performance for a long time.

2, good weather resistance: exterior wall coating, because the coating is exposed to the atmosphere, to undergo wind blowing, sunlight, salt spray corrosion, rain, hot and cold changes, in these long-term and repeated effects of the natural environment, coating prone to cracking, powdering, peeling, discoloration and other phenomena, so that the coating loses the original decorative protection function. Therefore, the requirements of the external wall in the specified service life, coating should not occur above destruction phenomenon.

3. Good stain resistance: due to the large differences in environmental conditions in different regions of China, for some cities with developed heavy industry and mining industry, due to the large amount of dust and other suspended substances in the atmosphere, the easily stained coating will lose its original decorative effect, thus affecting the appearance of buildings. Therefore, the exterior wall coating should have a good stain resistance, so that the coating is not easy to be contaminated or contaminated easy to clean off.

4, good water resistance: exterior wall coating surface exposed to the atmosphere, will often be washed by rain. Therefore, exterior wall coatings should have good water resistance.

5. Good mildew resistance: the exterior wall coating is easy to grow mildew in damp environment. Therefore, coating is required to inhibit the growth of mold and algae.

6, high elastic requirements: exposed paint, seriously affected by climate, geology and other factors, the elastic exterior wall latex paint is a coating designed for the exterior wall, can better maintain the wall smooth for a long time.

In addition, according to the different functional requirements of the design, the external wall coating also put forward higher requirements: such as in the application of various external wall insulation system coating, the external wall coating is required to have a good elastic elongation rate, in order to better adapt to the surface layer cracking due to the deformation of the base layer, to cover the small cracks of the base layer; For the exterior wall coating with anti-aluminum-plastic panel decoration effect, it should also have better metal texture, super long outdoor durability and so on.

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