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Water-based acrylic topcoat

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Water-based acrylic topcoat

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Study on the construction function and coating process of anticorrosive coatings to ensure the corrosion resistance and long-term use of anticorrosive coatings. Based on the concept of coating integration of anticorrosive coatings, the adaptability of ZS anticorrosive coatings to different substrates, the adaptability of anticorrosive coatings to construction methods and construction technology, and the adaptability of anticorrosive coatings to construction environment are discussed. Strengthen the supporting system and function review of anticorrosive coatings, improve the scientific and rational supporting system, and adapt to the requirements of different corrosion environments. Especially the equipment and facilities maintenance or recoating process of coating process, surface treatment and supporting systems, due to different corrosion and construction environment, the original anticorrosive coating coating damage difference, bad construction conditions, should be highly valued.

Anticorrosion besmear to brush besmear to brush in the sea channel, railway Bridges, automobile, shipbuilding, ship repairing and container ships and sailors perfecting coating with specification, and in the field of petrochemical industry, electronic, food and so on sewage treatment system, etc., professional norms and supporting system is formulated, the anticorrosive coatings appeared some market competition and unregulated competition situation, simple form the disorderly competition, prevent vocational normal anticorrosion coating.

How to choose different kinds of anti-corrosion coatings according to working conditions? Analyze the corrosion medium varieties, temperature, pressure and other factors under working conditions, and select different industrial ZS heavy anti-corrosion coatings. Research and development of industrial anticorrosive coatings not only rely on common sense and experience of chemical industry, but also depend on the common sense and intersection of electronics, physics, ecology, machinery, instrument and management.

Enhance corrosion resistance function and construction experience accumulation, ZS-822 composite ceramic high temperature anticorrosive coating, temperature resistance can reach 1400℃, high temperature oxidation can be high, high purity no volatilization, it can withstand strong solvent and mixed solvent soak for a long time; ZS-1033 anti-corrosion coating which can withstand hydrofluoric acid; ZS-1041 smoke anticorrosive coating which can specially withstand the strong corrosion conflict between high-temperature smoke and condensed water; ZS-711 inorganic anticorrosive coating capable of resisting the corrosion of seawater and seawater moisture; Can add heat exchange anticorrosive coating ZS-722 thermal conductivity anticorrosive coating; ZS-1031 abrasion resistant and anticorrosive coating with strong impact resistance; ZS-821 ceramic anticorrosive coating, which can withstand the corrosion of ether, fluorine and oil; ZS-1034 acid and alkali resistant coating, which can resist most acid and alkali corrosion, solvent and intermediate medium corrosion; ZS-1032 strong oxidation resistance coating; ZS-1023 anti-corrosion coating resistant to oxidation at 3000℃;

The professional skill training of coating personnel of chemical and anticorrosive coatings has been strengthened to improve their professional quality and competitiveness. The construction management level and personnel quality of anticorrosive coatings have made great progress, but there is still a lack of systematic training to ensure the demand of high-end market.

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